Make Strokes With Pointy Corners In Photoshop!

Submitted by Sue Celis | September 15, 2021 | Business

Hi, I’m Jesus Ramirezfrom the Photoshop Training Channel. In this 90-second photoshop tip, I will show you how to apply a stroke with pointy-corners to text in Photoshop.
You probably have noticed before that the Stroke Layer Style will give you rounded edges on corners.
To get sharp edges on your trokes, you will need to use a different method. First, convert your text layer into a vector. You can do so by right-clicking on your text layer and selecting Convert to Shape. This will convert your text layer into a vector layer.
The text will no longer be editable, but you could apply strokes with more options as a vector. You can access these options by selecting any vector tool, such as the Direct Selection Tool.
And from the options bar, you will see the Fill and Stroke settings. My vector shape’s Fill is set to white—no need to change that. But I will change the Stroke Color from none to Black. If you wanted to, you could also use a gradient or a pattern as a stoke.
To better see the stroke, I’ll increase the width to 30px. And this is where the magic happens. Under the Stroke Options dropdown, you could control how the stroke behaves on corners. But first, make sure that you have a solid stroke.
Then from the Align dropdown, select the outside option, which is the bottom one on the list. If you want to see the labels for each of
these settings, Click on the More Options button. From this window, you will see the labels of each option in the dropdowns. Next, from the Corners dropdown, you can control the appearance of the stroke at corner points.
For example, the Stroke Layers Style uses something similar to round. But you can get pointed corners that extend beyond the endpoint by changing the Corner option to Miter.
Which will give you a sharp edge stroke and the corner points will stick out? Let me know down in the comments below if you enjoyed this 90-Second Photoshop Tip.

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Submitted by: Sue Celis

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